Nadia Elkharadly: Payin’ the Indie Dues – Singin’ the Indie Blues

11 03 2013

Sometimes I write for this awesome website for the intrepid Mr. Robert Segarini. Check out my latest post!

Segarini: Don't Believe a Word I Say

Nadia LogoHello, my name is Nadia and I’m a music addict.  The past couple of years I’ve been making it my (side) business to learn about, discover and most of all support local music.  I spend more nights out at bars than I do at home, always going out to listen to this or that band, checking out this singer or this guitarist, all to help nurture the thriving music scene we have right here in Toronto.  In doing so, I’ve gotten to know so many bright and talented musicians and artists, some who are just starting out, and some who have been at it for over a decade.  The dedication and perseverance that everyone I meet possesses is inspiring, and I honestly spend a lot time wondering why all of these great people aren’t wildly famous – many of them certainly deserve to be.

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